Do you provide discounts to non profits?

Yes we do!


Here are the discounts we provide below:

  • Wordpress Hosting: 50% off
  • cPanel Hosting: 30% off
  • Domains: 5% off
  • SSL's: 10% off
  • Dedicated Servers, VPS, Advanced Support: We do provide discounts but are on a case by case basis.


How do I get these discounts?

  • First, create an account on our site.
  • Next, open a ticket under Billing Support.
  • Enter the following title exactly: "Non-Profit Discount Request"
  • Now, we need the following information in your ticket:
    • About your Non-Profit (Doesn't affect your discount, we just want to know what cool things you do.)
    • EIN (We use this to lookup your non-profit status via IRS.GOV.)
      • *Note: If you are an organization outside the United States, please provide your countries equivalent and how to verify your status.)
  • Next, click submit. Once we verify your status (Up to 1 business day), we will provide you with a few coupon codes you can save and use on the website.


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